Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyric

No matter what style of music you dance to, try to pick music that is moving and works well with the choreography that you have chosen to use. There is nothing worse than a boring piece of dance music. Just because you like the music, does not mean it will move an audience or the judges.


When editing down dance music, a few items to keep in mind:

How does the music edit down into the 1:30 format?

If it is an original vocal performance, keep in mind that vocals are harder to edit smoothly as compared to instrumental pieces of music.

Does the music build and have drive to it?

Does the music have a good intro and a great ending?

Many pieces simply FADE out at the end. To me, these are not good endings. You need a dramatic, crisp, clean ending-both musically and choreography wise.


Is there anything additional I can do to enhance my dance music?

Yes: I like to add rhythm pops, and cymbal rolls to an edited piece of dance music at strategic points decided by the choreography that you are using. This is a fairly easy process that can really enhance what you are doing with your performance. If you are doing a high quick extension, a hit on a snare drum on the precise beat that you are doing the extension on, can draw more attention to what you are doing.

If doing a tap piece, I love to incorporate open segments in the music where the tapper can do a bit of acapella tap. Certain pieces of music work better than others when using this concept. Also, tappers need to keep in mind to try pick music that does not overpower their tap sounds. If you pick a huge piece of music with lots of loud vocal on it, it is harder to get the tap levels above your track. 


Should I get help with a choreography on my dance?

YES. Period! While you think you may be able to choreograph your own song, seek assistance from a professional. Even if your piece is choreographed, show it to a dance teacher to get his or her opinion on how you can improve your dance. Two of my favorite choreographers that both do great work in our system are: Erika Hebron in New York,  Shea Sullivan in New York, and Mia Davis in Dallas. There is further info on each chorographer on the Link and Resource section under Contacts.


For specific pricing details on edit work, see Music Editing....