Available Tracks

To listen to song SAMPLES CLICK the BOX of the FIRST LETTER of the song title you are looking for.  All of the song titles for this letter will load in. Locate the song you are looking for and click on the PLAY Arrow. A PORTION of both DEMO and TRACK will play.   If there is a VIDEO listed, click on the WATCH VIDEO to view performance video.

Bill is HAPPY to email complete demos upon request. ALL tracks are in the 1:30 format. You are only listening to a PORTION of the DEMO and TRACK. Complete DEMOS and TRACKS are NOT posted on the site. Full Length demos emailed upon request, and full length 1:30 tracks emailed upon payment confirmation.



For COMPLETE Talent Wolfe Song List CLICK....HERE 



Track Pricing
Existing tracks range in price from $175 to $400 depending on how many live players were used when they were built. (When originally recorded these tracks ranged in price from $750 to $1800) Just check with Bill on pricing for specific titles.

Multiple Track Discount: Talentwolfe is happy to offer a discounted total price if you are 
     purchasing more that one track at the same time. Just check with Bill for pricing.

**COMPLETE TRACK MP3's emailed the same day payment is confirmed**


Please Note: Existing custom tracks that are purchased are taken OFF the available list in your state and pageant system for ONE pageant season.  Once purchase has been made the track is NOT re-sold IN your STATE, in that system, until after your state pageant. Meaning, if your state pageant is held in JUNE, your pageant season ENDS in June. Pageant seasons END with your state pageant. If you plan to re-use the same song for the next season, you MUST notify Bill immediately and also re-rent the piece for the following season. Otherwise the piece will not be held off the available list in your state and system. Existing tracks are PURCHASE AS IS. Unless working IN PERSON with Bill he does not make modifications other than key changes when available. You are WELCOME to make modifications to the track you have purchased.


Keep in mind if you are looking for DANCE MUSIC, 99% of the edited dance music listed on the site are ORIGINAL COVER EDITS. Meaning they are NOT ALLOWED at the Miss America, Volunteer and many state pageants because of licensing issues. The NEW SOUND ALIKE category (box titled SOUND ALIKE next to the S's) ARE tracks that have been built from the ground up and ARE allowed at all pageants.



Payment Options When Purchasing Music
Once Price has been confirmed with Bill:

1. Visa/Master Card/Discover/American Express
Provide CC info by Email or Phone (816-809-1582)
Email: talentwolfe@aol.com
CC Info Needed: Card #, Expiration, 3 digit, & Zip Code


2. PayPal
Go to Paypal.com
Go to SEND MONEY and follow instructions
Send Payment to: talentwolfe@aol.com


3. Venmo https://account.venmo.com/u/talentwolfe
Venmo contact to send money: @talentwolfe  (last 4 of phone number if needed: 1582)