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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - SEPTEMBER 11:  Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields appears during the 2017 Miss America Competition at Boardwalk Hall Arena on September 11, 2016 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  (Photo by Donald Kravitz/Getty Images  for dcp)

Top 10 & TALENT WINNER: Miss NC, Taylor Loyd, Opera: Amour ranime
Top 10, Miss FL, Juliette Valle, Opera: Sempre Libera

2nd RU, Miss TX, Averie Bishop, VOCAL: On My Own

4th RU, Miss GA, Kelsey Hollis, VOCAL: I Didn't Know My Own Strength

TOP 11, Miss NV, Heather Renner, Vocal: Laughing Song
TOP 11, Miss HA, Lauren Teruya, Vocal/Dance: Cabaret
TOP 11, Miss IL, Monica Nia Jones, Violin: Symphonie Espagnol
NON-Finalist Talent, Miss NE, Stephanie Lein, Baton-Salute
NON-Finalist Talent, Miss LA, Gracie Reichman, Clog-Blue Suede Shoes


1st RU, Miss AL, Lauren Bradford, Violin-The 5th Symphony

Top 10, Miss Illinois, Isabelle Hanson, Violin-Czardas  TALENT WINNER
Top 10, Miss DC, Andolyn Medina, Vocal-Summertime
Top 10 Miss UT, Sasha Sloan, Vocal-That’s Life
Top 10 Miss FL, Leah Roddenberry, Dance-Don’t Stop Me Now

Non-Finalist Talent Winner-Miss NE, Morgan Holen, Dance-Climb Every Mountain

2nd RU, Miss MO, Simone Esters, Baton-Turn the Beat Around

4th RU, Miss CT, Jillian Duffy, Vocal-Once Upon a Time

Top 7-Miss CO, Monica Thompson, Opera-Les Filles de Cadix

Top 15-Miss TX, Chandler Foreman, Flute-Dianna Ross Medley
Non-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss LA, Megan Crews, Vocal-I Will Always Love You

1st RU, Miss CT, Bridget Oei, Irish Dance-Heartbeat of Home

2nd RU/Talent Winner- Miss LA, Holly Conway, Vocal-I Believe

Top Ten Semi-finalist, Miss AL, Cali Walker, Ballet-Rodeo
NF Talent Winner, Miss HA, Penelope Ng Pack, V-They Just Keep Moving the Line

1st Runner Up, Miss MO, Jennifer Davis, Bollywood: Nacho Re

3rd RU, Miss DC, Briana Kinsey, Vocal: Born for This

Top 10, Miss VA, Cecil Weber, Dance: Last Dance
Top 12, Miss TN, Caty Davis, Vocal: I Have Nothing
Top 15, Miss Il, Abby Foster, Dance: Grease Lightning
Non-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss IA, Chelsea Daubczak, Opera: Sempre Libera

Miss America, Savvy Shields, (Miss AR) TALENT WINNER
              Dance: They Just Keep Moving the Line

2nd RU, Miss NY, Camille Sims, Vocal: Sway

4th RU, Miss MS, Laura Lee Lewis, Vocal: A Piece of Sky

Top 7, Miss MD, Hannah Brewer, Vocal: God Bless America
Top 10, Miss TN, Grace Burgess, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Desperado
Non-Finalist Talent, Miss NH, Caroline Carter, Vocal: I Dreamed a Dream

TOP 7, Miss TN, Hannah Robison, Piano: El Cumbanchero

Top 10, Miss OK-Georgia Frazier, Vocal: Happy Days Are Here Again
Top 10, Miss TX-Shannon Standerford, Vocal: Son of a Preacher Man
Top 12, Miss IA-Taylor Wiebers, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Don’t Forget Me
Top 15, Miss AR-Loren McDaniel, Vocal: Bring Him Home
Top 15, Miss VA-Savannah Lane, Vocal: Don’t Rain on My Parade

1st RU, Miss VA-Courtney Garrett, Vocal: Speak Softly Love

2nd RU, Miss AR-Ashton Campbell, Vocal: Via Dolarosa

4th RU, Miss MA-Lauren Kuhn, Piano: Valse Dramatico

Top 10, Miss MS-Jasmine Murray-V:Somethings Got a Hold on Me 
Top 10, Miss OH- (TALENT WINNER) Mackenzie Bart, Ventriloquism
Top 10, Miss OK-Alex Eppler, Dance: Titanium
Top 10, Miss TN-Haley Lewis, Vocal: I Who Have Nothing
Top 12, Miss IA-Aly Olson, Vocal: How Will I Ever Know

2nd RU, Miss OK-Kelsey Griswald, Vocal: Everybody Says Don’t

3rd RU, Miss FL (TALENT WINNER) Myrrhanda Jones, Baton: Big Noise

Top 10, Miss CT-Caitlyn Tarpey, Irish Step: Real Around the Sun
Top 10, Miss GA-Carley Mathis, Vocal: On My Own
Top 10, Miss KS-Teresa Vail, Opera: Nessun Dorma
Top 10, Miss MD-Christina Denny, Vocal: For Good
Top 12, Miss MO-Shelby Ringdahl, Vocal: Defying Gravity
Top 15, Miss MS-Chelsea Rick, Vocal: Can’t Help Lovin That Man

TALENT WINNER, Miss NH-Samantha Russo, Vocal: Don’t Rain on my Parade
NON-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss LA-Jaden Leach, Vocal: I Can’t Let Go

2nd RU, Miss OK-Alicia Clifton, TALENT WINNER, 
                       Tap: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Top 10, Miss MD-Joanna Guy, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: I Dreamed a Dream
Top 10, Miss TN-Chandler Lawson, Vocal: Turning Tables
Top 10, Miss TX-Danae Couch, Baton: Last Dance
Top 10, Miss FL-Laura McKeeman, Ballet: Esmeralda
Non-Finalist Talent-Miss MS-Marie Wicks, Piano: Moonlight Sonata

MISS AMERICA, Laura Kaeppeler, Miss WI
         Talent Winner   Opera: Il Bacio

1st RU, Miss OK, Betty Thompson, TALENT WINNER, Irish Dance: Riverdance

Top 10, Miss IA-Jessica Pray, Vocal: You Raise Me Up
Top 10, Miss TN-Erin Hatley, Vocal: Memory
Top 10, Miss TX-Kendall Morris, Piano: New World Symphony
Top 12, Miss FL-Kristina Janolo, Vocal: Gold
Top 13, Miss AL-Courtney Porter, Tap: I Got Rhythm
Top 15, Miss VA-Elizabeth Crot, Opera: Sempre Libera
Top 15, Miss NC-Hailey Best, Semi-Classical Vocal: Art is Calling for Me
Non-Finalist Talent Winner-Miss NE, Kayla Batt, Vocal: Love you I Do

2nd RU, Miss HA-Jalee Fuselier, Vocal: Feeling Good

4th RU, Miss OK-Emoly West, Dance: Time

Top 10, Miss AZ-Kathryn Bulkley, Opera: Nessum Dorma
Top 10, Miss CA-Arianna Afsar, Vocal: I Who Have Nothing
Top 10, Miss KY-Djuan Trent, Vocal: A Change Gonna Come
Top 10, Miss VA-Caitlin Uze, Irish Dance: Riverdance
Top 12, Miss TX-Ashley Melnick, Vocal: I Surrender
Non-Finalist Talent Winner-Miss MS, Sarah Beth James,  Piano: Piano Fantasy 

MISS AMERICA,  Caressa Cameron/Miss VA, 
          Talent Winner, Vocal: Listen

2nd RU, Stefanie Wittler, Miss TN, Vocal: I Will Always Love You
3rd RU, Katherine Putnam, Miss LA,  Piano: Halleluia Chorus
4th RU, Mallery Ervin, Miss KY,   Vocal: On My Own

Top   7, Miss NM-Nicole Miner,  Vocal: Somewhere
Top 10, Miss NE-Brittany Jeffers  Tap: So Much Better
Top 15, Miss AR, Sarah Slocum, Vocal: The Prayer

Pre-Lim Talent Winner, Miss MI, Nicole Blaszczyk, Dance: Lifetime
Non-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss IA, Ann Languth,  Violin: Zigeunerweisen

Top  7,    Miss TN-Ellen Carrington,  Vocal: Vole Mon Ange

Top 10,  Miss MI-Ashlee Baracy, Dance: Big Time
Top 10,  Miss DC-Kate Grinold,  Ballet: Tanguara
Top 12,  Miss AR-Ashlen Batson, Flute: Fantasy Brilliante
Top 15,  Miss DE-Galen Giaccone, TALENT WINNER, Piano: El Cumbanchero
Top 15,  Miss SD-Alexandra Hoffmann, Vocal: Even Now

MISS AMERICA, Kirsten Haglund/Miss MI,
    Vocal: Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

Top 10, Miss IA, Diana Reed, TALENT WINNER, Baton: You Can’t Stop the Beat
Top 15, Miss AR- Katie Bailey, Vocal: Feeling Good
Top 15, Miss FL- Kylie Williams, Vocal: Cowboy Sweetheart
Top 15, Miss MS- Kimberly Morgan, Vocal: God Bless the Child
Pre-Lim TALENT WINNER,  Miss CT-Dana Daunis, Vocal: Let Him Fly

MISS AMERICA, Lauren Nelson/Miss OK,  
            Vocal: You’ll Be in My Heart

3rd RU Miss MS-Taryn Foshee, Piano: El Cumbanchero

Top 10, Miss WA-Kristen Eddings, Vocal: For Once In My Life

Top 10, Miss SC-Erika Powell, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Time to Say Goodbye

Top 10, Miss AR-Eudora Mosby, Vocal: Dream in Color
Top 10, Miss FL-Mari Wilensky, Vocal: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Top 10, Miss KS-Megan Bushell, Vocal: When You Say You Love Me

MISS AMERICA, Ericka Dunlap/Miss FL,
  Talent Winner, Vocal: If I Could

2nd RU, Miss WI-Tina Sauerhammer, 
  Talent Winner, Cello: The Swan

Top 10, Kelley Scott-Miss OK, Vocal: Son of a Preacher Man
Top 15, Amber Etheridge-Miss MO, Vocal: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Top 10, Miss MS-Jennifer Adcock, Piano: Rhapsody in Blue

Top 10. Miss TX-Lisa Daizel, Flute: Shenandoah/Dueling Banjo Medley

Top 20, Miss MO-Jennifer Hover, Vocal: Somewhere Medley

Top 20, Miss OK-Kaci Hundley, Vocal: Cry

1st RU, Miss LA-Faith Jenkins, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: If I Could

Top 10, Miss WI-Mary Louise Curry, TALENT WINNER, Opera: Il Bacio

MISS AMERICA, Nicole Johnson/Miss VA
   Vocal: That’s Life

2nd RU, Miss FL-Lisette Gonzalez, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: All That Jazz

3rd RU, Miss MO-Deborah McDonald, Vocal: I Will Always Love You

Top 10, Miss IN-Julianne Hackney, Vocal: My Man
Top 10, Miss AR-Erin Wheatley, Vocal/Tap: I Got Rhythm

1st RU, Miss NC-Michelle Warren, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: And I Am Telling You

Top 10, Miss LA Mette Boving, Vocal: How Do I Live

4th RU, Miss MO-Kim Masarro, Tap: My Favorite Son

Top 10, Miss IN, Shani Nielson, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: In His Eyes

MISS AMERICA, Shawntell Smith/Miss OK 
   Vocal: Woman in the Moon

2nd RU, Miss AR-Paula Montgomery, Vocal: Can’t Help Loving that Man

2nd RU, Miss NJ-Jennifer Makris, Vocal: Man That Got a Way

Top 10, Miss KS-Trishia Shaffer, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Orange Colored Sky

4th RU, Miss VA-Nancy Glisson, Vocal: I Will Always Love You

Top 10, Miss AR-Nicole Bethman, Vocal: And I Am Telling You

MISS AMERICA, Leanza Cornet/Miss FL 
   Vocal: A New Life

3rd RU, Miss KS-Pam McKelvey, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: I Am Changing

Top 10, Miss OK-Dusharme Carter, Vocal: Keeping Out of Mischief Now
Top 10, Miss MO-Stephanie Patterson, Vocal: I Have Dreamed Medley

2nd RU, Miss MO-Soncee Brown,  Piano/Vocal-He Touched Me

Top Ten, Miss NC-Jennifer Smith, Vocal: Half a Moment
Top Ten, Miss KS-Robbin Wasson, Vocal: It’s a Miracle Medley

MISS AMERICA, Debbye Turner/Miss MO
   Marimba Medley: Bumble Bee-Czardas-Can Can


From 1990 to 2023 - Bill and his team of musicians that produce custom tracks take great pride in providing creative, quality sounding arrangements at an affordable price. The records of these custom tracks speak for themselves. From 1990 through 2023 at the Miss America Pageant we have worked on music for:

10  Miss Americas

7  First Runner Ups

14  Second Runner Ups

6  Third Runner Ups

8  Fourth Runner Ups

143  Semi Finalists

27 Talent Winners