Music Editing

For Vocalists, Dancers, Baton Twirlers, Instrumentalists

Most any piece of existing music can be edited into the 1:30 format. Some, of course, will edit easier and are less time consuming to produce than others. My work is done with Pro-Tools or Sony Sound Forge: computer programs that make use of some of the most current technologies available today. The main things to remember when working with edits are:

*You should never hear any clicks or pops at the edit points

*Do the edits make musical sense?

*Does the rhythm at the edit point remain constant?

*Do the edits allow for the best sections of the song to be kept?

No matter if you are editing music for a singer, dancer, baton twirler, piano player, or other instrumentalist, the basic rule remains the same. The final product should sound as much as possible as if it were originally written in the 1:30 format.


Pricing for Editing

Basic DANCE Edits-$100.00
(Edits that can be done in a one hour window-$30.00 additional per half hour of work)

VOCAL Edits-$125
Karaoke Tracks (Includes DEMO and TRACK edited into the 90 second format)           

Track Re-Mix-$40.00

Many times the sound quality of your existing track can be cleaned up and improved by having Bill re-mix them. Sound levels, EQ checked and modified if needed, and crescendos built into the arrangement as needed. Bill will also add live cymbal at dramatic spots in the music which in a subtle fashion can build excitement.  When the levels of the track (orchestra) are mixed in a fashion to enhance what the performer is doing, (without the sound person at the local, state, or national pageant having to do so-which normally they do not) the overall listening experience by the audience and judges is improved. The track gives and takes and follows exactly what the performer is doing.  


The Process

*Email Bill the piece of music to be edited

*If you have instructions as to where you want the edits to occur, include them.
      (YOU must be clear and concise with your instructions-USE counter numbers to
        indicate edit IN and OUT points. Example-00 through .16 IN   OUT at .16 through
        .90,  etc....Edit work WILL NOT be accepted unless this process is followed. Both
        DEMO and TRACK must be emailed to Bill.  Bill is happy to edit the piece with no
        instructions, using the best edit points and sections of the song in his opinion.

*Bill will quote you a price

*To proceed, prepayment on edits if required. (Paypal, Venmo or CC) 
      Once payment is confirmed your piece will be scheduled for edit.
      Finished product usually within a week. MP3 file emailed upon completion.  


Please Note: Edits are scheduled upon availability.
There may be a wait in scheduling edit work during the busy pageant months.