"The track is absolutely PERFECT! Thank you for getting this done for me so quickly. I cannot tell you how excited I am to perform this at Miss America"

Lauren Branford, Miss AL, 2021, 1st RU Miss America 2022


Hi Bill
"I can't thank you enough for all you did to make the perfect Czardas talent track for Miss America. It was better than I could have ever imagined, I owe part of my talent win to you and your talented friends that build your tracks."

Isabella Hanson, Miss IL, 2021, TALENT WINNER and Top 10 Miss America 2022


Hi Bill,
"I have been in NYC and am just now getting a chance to listen to my music for Miss America. It sounds great and I am very pleased. Certainly appreciate all of your hard work on this, especially in a year when the rules concerning what music would be permitted for use came to us at such a late date. Please tell Milton and the female singer he used on the project everything was spot on! THANK YOU!"

Simone Esters, Miss MO 2019, 2nd RU Miss America 2020
 Baton-Sound Alike Singer & Track: Turn the Beat Around


Yes! "I Will Always Love You" is a go and the arrangement you have created for me is exactly what I have been looking for. I am overjoyed at having the chance to perform this on the Miss America stage. Thank You!"

Megan Crews, Miss LA 2019, Non-Finalist Talent Winner Miss America 2020
    Vocal: I Will Always Love You


Hi Bill,
"I really appreciate your willingness to try and re-create my opera talent track for the upcoming Miss America Pageant. Being a classical singer, I understand how hard this type of a track can be to build. I am confident you and your team will do a great job! Thanks again."

Monica Thompson, Miss CO 2019, Top Seven,  Miss America 2020
    Opera: Les Filles de Cadix


"I love the new track Bill. You're amazing! I really gives me chills. Now I have to work to make sure I sound as GOOD as the track."

Holli Conway, Miss LA 2018,  TALENT WINNER, Top Ten Miss America 2019
      Vocal: I Believe


Mr Bill,
"I love you always! Thank you for your constant support and encouragement.
I couldn't have done it without you!"

Laura Lee Lewis, Miss MS 2016, 4th RU Miss America 2017
Vocal: A Piece of Sky


"This track sounds wonderful. Everything on the new track is great. Can't wait to perform it at my homecoming tomorrow night. Thanks so much."

Jasmine Murray, Miss MS 2014, Top 10 Miss America     
Vocal: Something's Got a Hold on Me


"Happy Holidays! I am so appreciative for everything you have done. Roxie and I are working hard on the song and it is coming along fantastically. Please thank Milton also, as the track sounds wonderful.  Thank You!"

Mackenzie Bart, Miss OH 2015  Talent Winner, Top 10 Miss America  
Ventriloquist: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


"Bill, thank you so much for letting me use tracks from your library for my appearances. I really appreciate it. The new job as Miss America is exhausting, but it is what we all signed up for. So, no complaints here. Thanks again."

Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015


"Thank you for editing this so quickly. It sounds great! I am so looking forward to performing this on the Miss America stage. Mary-Louise Curry (Miss WI, 1999) and I joke that 'Bacio' lives on. I will do my best!"

Laura Kaeppler, Miss America 2012  
  Opera: Il Bacio


"I absolutely love the track! Thank you for working with me on this. I'm just excited that my dream talent is actually a reality."

Kendall Morris, Miss TX 2011, Top 10 Miss America  
    Piano:  New World Symphony


"WOW! Breathtaking! I cried when I first listened to the new track. Absolutely love it. Amazing work as usual."

Ashley Melnick, Miss Texas 2010, Top 12 Miss America
   Vocal: I Surrender


"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in this process to Miss America. I could have never gotten to 2nd Runner Up without you. I am telling everyone I know to get their music from you. Aloha. "

Jalee Fuselier, Miss Hawaii,  2nd RU Miss America
  Vocal: Feeling Good


"A huge thank you to both you and Milton. Honestly you two are a blessing and I am honored to work with you both."

Arianna Afsar, Miss California 2010, Top Ten Miss America
   Vocal: I Who Have Nothing


"Thank you so much for everything! I feel more comfortable on my song for Miss America and can't wait to make it work. I had a wonderful time in Kansas city, and can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me."

Kathryn Bulkley, Miss Arizona 2010, Top 10 Miss America
   Opera: Nessun Dorma


"Thank you for my fabulous track and arrangement. It was so nice to finally meet you in Vegas at the Miss America Pageant."

Djuan Trent, Miss Kentucky 2010, Top 10 Miss America
   Vocal: A Change Gonna Come


"Thank you for the amazing work and support. You are a jewel. Can't wait to see you again."

Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010
   Talent Winner, Vocal: Listen


"I can't thank you enough for the amazing music! I thank God for you."

Stephanie Wittler, Miss Tennessee 2009, 2nd Runner Up Miss America
   Vocal: I Will Always Love You


"I love the new track. It sounds amazing and is so dynamic. Everyone that has  heard it has fabulous things to say. Thank you so much."

Katherine Putnam, Miss Louisiana 2009, 3rd Runner Up Miss America
   Piano: Halleluia Chorus


"It's absolutely perfect. I couldn't ask for it to be any more outstanding."

Mallory Ervin, Miss Kentucky 2009, 4th Runner Up Miss America
   Vocal: On My Own


"Not only are you a musical master, but you are a cherished friend. Thank you for encouraging me each step of the way and for showing me how to believe in myself and my abilities."

Sarah Sloacum, Miss Arkansas 2009, Top 15 Miss America
   Vocal: The Prayer


"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love my arrangement and track, and so appreciative of your work, expertise, and time in putting it together. It is exactly what we had hoped for in the song. Please know that I feel immensely grateful of everything you have done for me over the past few months, and really, all of your support of the young women in the program. We all think you are the greatest."

Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008
   Vocal: Somewhere Over the Rainbow


"Thank you for all you do for me and making me sound so good. You're the best!"

Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007
    Vocal: You'll be in My Heart


"Bill, thank you so much for all you have done for me. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to not only work with you, but get to know you. It has been such a joy! I can't wait to sing my heart out to the song of the year at Miss America".

Mari Wilensky, Miss Florida 2005,  Top 10 Miss America
    Vocal: Bridge Over Troubled Water


"I cannot even begin to find the words that can express my deep gratitude and joy for meeting you two years ago and walking such and incredible journey with you as a friend by my side. You have a great ability to make a girl believe in herself. Somehow, during  a lesson when you teach music, you also teach each girl to have faith in herself and her abilities. You are truly a genuine, special person, and I am so happy that I got the chance to know you. Thank you for standing by me when others turned away and for your constant support. Most of all, thank you for the lifetime friendship we have developed. I treasure this more than any rhinestone crown".

Shandi Finnessey, Miss Missouri America 2002, Piano: Fight of the Bumble Bee
Also Miss USA 2004, 1st RU Miss Universe 2005