Licensing, Release Forms, Accepted Music


Miss America Music Requirements and Rules

(Keep in mind that more and more STATE programs are now following the same MUSIC USE RULES as the Miss America Pageant)

The Miss America national rules concerning what music will be allowed for competition use are as follows: 

*Before you build a CUSTOM TRACK, hire a demo singer, or look for a KARAOKE TRACK, you MUST HAVE 100% CLEARANCE on your song title through BMI, ASCAP, or SEASAC. has a contact in NY that can take the hassle out of tracking down this info. ($50 fee)

*SINGERS: 2 types of tracks allowed

  1-CUSTOM TRACK, Meaning, someone in a studio has recorded your track and will sign
      0ff on its use. offers a wide variety of CUSTOM TRACKS in an already
      existing library that are ready for use. If you have a special song and arrangement
      that you want built, Talentwolfe can handle this type of new track build. Info on CUSTOM
      tracks can be found on You are also welcome to email Bill Wolfe
      at or call him at 816-809-1582. 

  2-KARAOKE TRACK, is the ONLY karaoke company that can
     sign off on any of it's tracks for Miss America use. So, any of the songs you find on the website ARE allowed for you. A signed Music Release Form from
     Music Creations required.

*DANCERS: NO Original covers are allowed.  Meaning if you are dancing to any original
     cover. (Celine, Mariah, Pink, Bruno Mars) they are NOT ALLOWED.  

   What IS allowed:

    1-If you can find a Karaoke track at Musicalcreations with a decent demo, these are
       allowed. If you like the track, but NOT the singer, you can record a NEW SINGER to the
       karaoke track.

   2-CUSTOM build the track in the SAME format as what you are using.  Then hire a SOUND
       alike singer to record the vocal. Talentwolfe does this type of recording.

*Instrumentalists using Background Tracks

Only CUSTOM built tracks, or tracks purchased at are allowed.

If you have specific questions,  contact Bill Wolfe,, 816-809-1582



Due to the fact that every state has different rules and regulations concerning paperwork requirements, Bill only gets involved with the MUSIC RELEASE form.

If your state has a Music Release form, Bill would be happy to sign and email this form back to you. (You will need to email him the form from your state pageant). This form states that Bill did your music, and you have his permission to use it for your state competition.



Bill has nothing to do with licensing your song title.

Most states require that you provide a license number for your song title, clearing it for use.

If you will go to the BMI or ASCAP website, find the TITLE SEARCH area, type in your song title, various listings of the song should come up. Your state is looking for one of the license numbers. Please Note: If you are building a NEW CUSTOM track, it would be wise to MAKE SURE you can get licensing on the song, before building the new track. If you cannot find a license number on your song, the only other option is to contact the writer directly to see if permission will be granted.



Other info needed for state paperwork (publisher, writer, etc) can be found very easily if you will Google your song title.


Existing Custom Track Use

Existing custom tracks that are now available for purchase through the website are offered to any contestant in every state. There is NO HOLD on how many times a specific title may be sold per state. IF the purchaser wants exclusive rights to the song she is interested in, she needs to contact Bill to find out the additional exclusivity fee. If there are duplicate songs being used in the same state, it is up to the STATE PAGEANT rules as to who will use the song at the state pageant.